Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a workaholic. Working a lot of hours under the sun, and often the moon. It has therefore always been important for me to create a productive environment at home and at work. Making sure that I feel comfortable in my set-up and get-shit-done.

This may seem strange, but I used to work best in what others see as a disruptive environment; high pace music which I could sing along to or watching TV shows and movies.

Colleagues were rather amazed how was I was able to watch all 7 series of 24 within the space of a month whilst working long hours, and still be able to recall everything that had occurred.

So my home-office set up was very focused around this. TV in the corner and desk in the middle of the room. I cannot stand a desk which faces a wall or means that I have my back to the door. This can be somewhat limiting when it comes to room arrangements.

And that set up worked for a long time, but now? Not so much. I found myself getting increasingly distracted and it started impacting my motivation levels. For a while I refused to change, even though the results of my time identified a lack of productivity. What used to work should still now – right?

I decided to move things around. Trial a change, and see how it went. And I like it.

My desk now faces out the window, calming my mind. The TV still has its place, but is out of view so not a distraction and I try to listen to atmospheric music (when I’m not feeling too tired). Movie soundtracks have proved particularly successful – I would recommend giving Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s soundtrack a try.

So whilst it is important to set-up your productive work environment, it is also just as important to re-assess when the time comes and not be afraid to change it.

The benefits of assessing your work environment is obvious; more productivity at the work that can be done. But there is a balance to be made – a productive environment is as much comfortable as it is distraction-free.

So maybe now is a good time to think about your work environment? Is it working for you the same way it used to? How could you change it? As you do this and make decisions, a few things to consider;

  • What currently distracts you?
  • What motivates you to do good work?
  • What inspires you?
  • What calms you?

I’ve mostly been talking about things in the context of physical space, but you could also apply the same logic to your digital set-up. Do you have any apps open in the background which are distracting? Is the user interface of your