Notifications are a necessary evil in our every day lives. Reminding us to be somewhere at a certain time. Letting us know that someone has tried to contact us, whether it be via phone, text, email or even Twitter. But do these notifications need to be so invasive?

If you’re like me, you have curated a set up of applications which make transitioning between devices seamless. Syncing your data in the background. Making it available to you whenever you need regardless of what device you have with you at the time. In ‘the cloud’.

However, this is great until all those devices are with you in a single location and a notification is triggered. On all devices at once, or in most cases a second to two apart. It can suddenly turn into your own digital orchestra. I bet you, like me, your email notification sound is different on each device.

So rather than being a reminder or gentle notification, you are suddenly distracted from your current task by the chorus of sounds taking over the room.

Wouldn’t it be great if our devices could talk to each other and be aware of their proximity to each other? Choosing only to trigger the notification on a single, preferably the active, device.

We have already seen strides towards proximity aware devices within physical spaces. See Estimote Beacons, for example. So surely it would not be too far a leap to bring this to our devices? Maybe something for the major device manufacturers to consider for future releases. iOS8 anyone?