I’m at an impasse. Google Reader shut down a few days ago and I am yet to source a replacement. But I’m left wondering, do I need one?

Quite a few alternatives have been mentioned on Twitter, feedly having been a popular one. All have been saved on my Pocket list to look into later. That ‘later’ just never seems to come around.

At the rate that information is released and evolves, it is proving more and more difficult to keep up. This saw my Google Reader sit unopened for days, often weeks and the unread count increase. Making me feel more guilty that I hadn’t read anything.

It would then get to a point where I felt the necessity to go through and achieve RSS-zero (that can be a thing, right?), I have a bit of OCD in that sense. But, what this saw me do was – again – save a lot of articles for later consumption. Over time, I was adding articles quicker than I could read them.

My Pocket list now has 1,072 items to read, investigate or action.

So maybe Google Reader being no more, is just what I need? A clean break and a chance to catch up.

And rather than fill the void with a replica, I look at smaller, more consumable amounts of information. Publications and items of interest are often shared and bubble up to the top on my Twitter timeline. And with lists like Sidebar hitting my inbox everyday… is there a need for anything else?